Karl Marx said, people own nothing, but their ability to sell their labor, for a wage. People would not need to sell themselves if they could control their own means of production.

– Economic Problems –

If you collect all of the wealth into a pile, so that it can be shared out, a dictator will surround it, then keep it for themselves, warriors too will come to seize it. If you let the wealth spin around on its own, in a market, the scales will shift constantly between boom and bust Some will own islands; others will sell their kidney for an iPhone.

– A solution –

Households control your own economy. Control the means of production as Marx said–your own production–not control over the production of others. Share and trade freely with mutual trust and cooperation.

People have all the plans to build there own tools:

People can work together trading and sharing with mutual trust and cooperation; even dispense of currency. Or have a public ledger – block chains.

– 3rd industrial revolution –

Can help people to become self sufficient without depending on command and control systems. But must be shared.

The economist – 3rd Industrial Revolution

  • Mash things up
  • Arduino
  • Machine Learning & AI – Can help to bring accountability and prevent graft
  • Maker movement
  • Homesteads
  • Blockly
  • Scratch
  • App sheets
  • Maker Spaces – libraries, community centres etc.
  • Aquaponics
  • 3d printers