3D Printed Keychain from text

This tutorial is a primer for using Tinkercad to produce a keychain from text.

Step 1

Visit https://www.tinkercad.com/ and create a free account.

Step 2

Choose ‘Create New Design’

Step 3

Choose ‘Text And Numbers’

Step 4

Drag your letters and text onto the work plane.

Step 5

Select all characters, choose ‘Align’, then click on the bottom left handle to align your letters.

Step 6

Nudge your letters together so that each overlaps.

Step 7

Raise each 2nd letter to 6mm height.

Step 8

Group your letters.

Step 9

Add two cylinders to the work plane

Step 10

Scale one cylinder to 4mm the other to 2mm scale.

Step 11

Make the 2mm cylinder higher than the other.

Step 12

Centre align the small cylinder inside of the larger cylinders.

Step 13

Change the centre cylinder to hole, group the two cylinders to create the keychain loop.

Step 14

Position the keychain loop onto the text.

Step 15

Export for printing.

Step 16

Print using slicing software such as Ultimaker Cura.

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